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Useful Android Apps

Backpacker Trails Pro

Record hiking trails, backpacking trips, and camping adventures with Backpacker GPS Trails Pro. View maps, navigate with GPS and digital compass, take photos, and backtrack to the trailhead. GPS Trails Pro works in remote places like national parks, wilderness areas, and backcountry spots without relying on data and cell signals.


With GPS Trails Pro, you can:

Turn your phone into a GPS: Navigate via precise satellite signals in and out of cell network. Capture waypoints: Mark campsites, trailheads, water sources, summits, and more.

Track every step: Record or follow your tracks and routes. Store unlimited tracks.

Share your trip: Post adventures to, Twitter and Facebook.

Geotag your photos, videos, and sound clips: Save coordinates with every image and see their exact location on a map. Auto-save videos to your YouTube account too.

View maps: See unlimited street maps, aerial photos, hybrid street/aerial maps, and topo maps provided by MyTopo.

Navigate on the trail: Be an expert backcountry navigator. Use the digital compass to follow bearings or go to waypoints on the trail.

Create map packs to store maps on your phone. This app allows you to save topos (MyTopo), aerials (Bing), streets (OSM), and terrain (OCM) map types.

Get worldwide aerial images on your phone. Our app gives you rare access to view and store offine aerial imagery from Bing maps.

View stats: See 10 stats, including elevation, speed, and distance.

Pick your coordinates: Choose latitude/longitude or UTM and WGS 84 or NAD 27 then use GPS Trails for advanced navigation with traditional paper maps.

Download Pro Trips: Follow our step-by-step trail guides of popular trails and lesser-known routes in national parks, national forests, and local parks, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, White Mountains, Adirondacks, Catskills, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Acadia, Mount Rainier, Everglades, Olympic, and more. Find hikes near major cities: New York City, Seattle, Portland, LA, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and more. Plus find section hikes on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail.

Search trips: Find thousands of trips shared by the Backpacker editors and the community. Plan trips:

Plan trips with map tools at and wirelessly sync them to Backpacker GPS Trails app. You can mark points, draw tracks, upload GPS files, print maps, and more. (requires membership)

Supported Phones: GPS Trails Pro is designed and optimized for the Android phones.

Battery Life: While we optimize our code to cut down on power requirements, continued use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. For longer dayhikes or overnight trips, we suggest packing lightweight battery packs to charge the phone.

Moon Phase Pro

Spectacular, interactive 3D simulation of the moon, right down to the shadows in the craters and earthshine on the dark side. Touch screen control changes date and time as seen from your location - the moon tracks your every move

Clear Sky Droid

This is the donate version of Clear Sky Droid. Please consider installing this if you find the app useful. If you don't feel like donating, install the free version. It's exactly the same. Clear Sky Droid interacts with to provide clear sky charts that describe astronomical viewing conditions. Find closest, search by name / location, favorites, and map. North America only!

Peak Finder

The mountains are calling! Explore more mountains than any mountaineer! PeakFinder makes it possible... and shows the names of all mountains and peaks with a 360° Panorama display. This functions completely offline - and everywhere!PeakFinder is available for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Android and Nokia devices for the areas ‘Alps’, ‘Usa West’, ‘Usa East’ and ‘Canada West’.


- Smooth scrolling and zooming

- Digital binoculars to select less prominent peaks

- Panorama rendering works completely offline

- Uses GPS, Compass and Accelerometer

- Supports iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android devices (HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, ...) and Nokia devices (Symbian^3)

- Google Maps and manual coordinates input for the selection of any view point

- Available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE)

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) for Android helps you plan outdoor photography shoots. TPE is a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, be it day or night, for almost anywhere on earth. Ideal for landscape, nature, travel and outdoor photographers, TPE’s map-based approach means you can search for any place name on the planet or position the map pin exactly where you want it.Advanced features include: automatic time zone and elevation detection, correction for atmospheric refraction and height above the horizon. You can even determine when the sun or moon will be visible from behind nearby hills and mountains.

WeatherBug Elite

Download WeatherBug Elite to access the world’s largest network of real-time weather and lightning sensors for the best forecasts, the fastest alerts and more. Get the most accurate pinpoint forecasts for your neighborhood and around the world. Benefit from the fastest, most advanced early warning system, powered by the largest nationwide weather and lightning network.

Key Features:

•Real-Time Enhanced Pin-Point Forecasts for Locations Worldwide – The industry’s most accurate current, extended and hourly weather forecasts for your neighborhood in an easy to read, at-a-glance format. With 25% more accurate forecasts for the next 24 hours (when compared to other weather apps), Know Before™ you head out!

•Exclusive DTAs & Severe Weather Alerts – Minutes Matter. Our Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs) provide you 50% faster warnings to severe weather than the competition’s weather alerts. Plus, you get National Weather Service (NWS) warnings and watches to stay informed of severe weather conditions at all your current and saved locations.

•Spark Alerts – Spark, an exclusive feature of WeatherBug, turns your smartphone into a personal lightning detector. Only WeatherBug can bring minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile Spark lightning strike alerts to you, in real-time, based on data from the WeatherBug total lightning detection network!

•Enhanced Interactive Maps - Enjoy our enhanced maps with multiple layers such as Doppler radar, humidity, pressure, wind speed, high/low forecast, traffic, satellite imaging and more!

•Live Weather Cams - View live images from over 2,000 weather cameras across the U.S. to get a “better picture” of the weather at destinations near and far.

•Photos Section - We’ve collected magnificent photography from our users for your viewing pleasure. Come see what others are sharing and enjoy the scenery!

•Lifestyle Forecasts - Do I run outside or go to the gym? Should I cancel tomorrow's picnic? Our new Lifestyle Forecasts identify and analyze specific weather parameters to advise you on how best to stay comfortable and have fun!


GPS app for every day. With special add-on features you can enjoy top-notch navigation experience without compromise. Whether you are heading for adventure or just driving to work.

Traffic. If you don’t like getting stuck in jams, traffic service subscription is the thing for you. Save time by avoiding delays and choosing a faster route with this online feature.

Head-up display. Have navigation projected onto the windshield of your car. Head-up display works without any additional accessories so you can enjoy a safe & comfortable drive when it gets dark.

Premium speed cameras. Avoid speeding tickets with real-time speed camera warnings. With over 300 000 mobile speedcam locations reported each month Premium speed cameras are the best way to protect your wallet from hefty fines.

Celebrity Voices. Get the voice of Homer Simpson or Snoop Dogg to guide you on your next vacation. Add humor to your road trips with voice guidance from classic characters.

Spot Connect

The SPOT Connect App pairs Android platform smart phones with SPOT Connect, a revolutionary satellite communicator engineered to transmit messages via satellite from virtually anywhere in the world, including remote locations.

How it Works

The award-winning SPOT Connect device provides connectivity to the Globalstar satellite network for sending location-based messages from areas beyond cellular phone coverage or around town. By simply downloading the SPOT Connect App, SPOT Connect wirelessly synchs via Bluetooth® with Android™ platform 2.0 or later smart phone devices. The SPOT satellite message features are initiated directly from the app's intuitive user interface.

SPOT Connect utilizes proven SPOT technology to notify others of one's GPS location coordinates and current status. By sending a message to the Globalstar satellite network, the user's selected contacts will receive a custom Type and Send or Predefined message delivered as an SMS text message or email. SPOT Connect messages contain the user's latitude, longitude, date, time stamp and a link to Google Maps™. Established SPOT message features include Check-in/OK, Help, SPOT Assist, SOS and automated Track Progress.

PHOforPHO (Phone Tools for Photography)

A free set of Phone Tools for DSLR Photographers. Use it to improve your photography. Includes:

- Exposure calculator

- Hyperfocal calculator

- DoF calculator

- Timer

- Exposure compensation calculation for multiple exposures

- Integration with Catch for notes taking as well as other handy tools for photographers.

PHOforPHO is NOT intended to be used with the camera on your Android device. NOTHING IS DISABLED, you need to enter your camera settings in the application's options before all functionality is available. No ads, no "pro" version. Internet permission needed for map function.

Mobile Observatory

Mobile Observatory is one of the most complete astronomy apps on the Android market and the perfect tool for anybody interested in the sky's wonders, from the occasional sky gazer to the passionate amateur astronomer. You want to know if the next lunar eclipse is visible from your location or when the next bright comet is visible? You would like to be notified by your smart phone the next time, Jupiter and the Moon meet in the sky? You want to know what the blazing bright object in the evening sky is? You want to be always up-to-date which celestial events are visible from your location? Then this app is a must-have for you!

The app does not only include a live, zoomable sky map telling you what sky object you are looking at but provides you with loads of detailed extra information on stars, planets, deep sky objects, meteor showers, comets, asteroids, lunar and solar eclipses as well as detailed ephemeris of all included sky objects and an interactive top-down view of the Solar System. All that in just one app!

Main Features

- Zoomable sky map showing stars, planets, asteroids, and more (above and below the horizon)

- Interactive top-down view of the Solar System

- Live mode (point device on sky and get information on what you see)

- Calendar showing detailed descriptions of celestial events

- Push celestial events to your phone's calendar and set a reminder alarm

- Rise, set, and transit times for any object

- Position of any object in the sky (altitude and direction)