About Me

The Todd J. Christensen was born and raised in a town called Littleton in the great state of Colorado.  With his father, he "climbed" his first "14er", one of 54 mountains in the state that rise over 14,000 feet above sea level, at a ripe age of 6.  His family taught and showed him the beauty of the state and to appreciate God's creations, from mountains to wildlife.  He developed in interest in photography at an early age and at 12 years old asked Santa for a film camera.  Todd was good that year, at least for the most part, and Santa delivered him an Olympus OM-10 camera.  He learned photography basics on that camera, but over time it proved to be quite an expensive hobby.  Forward into the future, he went on to graduate from Arizona State University with a Bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics and went to work in the Aerospace field.  

It wasn't until the year 2010 where the photography bug once again bit Todd.  His family set a date to vacation to Alaska to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his parents.  In preparation, Todd purchased a Nikon 3200 DSLR camera and a couple of kit lenses to capture the moments.  The experience rekindled the love for photography.  He soon realized that photography is basically  a log base 2 endeavor and with that good ole math degree he was quick to understand exposure and depth of field.  Over the next few years, he also learned how to post process images to bring out the best in a picture.  To continue growth as a photog, he joined a couple of camera clubs and learned how photographs are judged.  He then started entering his photos into club competitions and into photography shows.  The results were positive and he won several awards and some prize money (however, never enough to pay for admission and framing fees required to enter competitions).

The next step was to invest in better gear and satisfy a long time dream to shoot sports.  Eventually, Todd was able to secure a MaxPreps credential (part of CBS sport that covers high  school sports) and a credential to shoot University of Denver athletic events.  He also developed an interest in night photography while continuing his love of shooting scenics and wildlife.  Todd is known throughout his region of Colorado as an accomplished photographer.

These days, Todd continues to shoot wildlife, scenics, at night and sports.  He is also looking to add portraiture and other forms photography that involves humans.  For this upcoming year, he plans on leading a couple of raptor, "Birds in Flight" seminars and shoots, as well as continuing to shoot sports and hopefully some human subjects.  Please keep an eye his Recent Stuff gallery, Photoshoots Galleries, and his Portfolio to see what he is recently doing. Todd is a very approachable person, so please send an email via the "Contact Todd!" page and he'll get back to you post haste!  

Finally, thank you for your time to check out my photography on this site.  I hope to hear from you or getting an alert that you've purchased something from this site.

Take care,


Todd J. Christensen