Todd J. Christensen's Fine Art Photography Website

UPDATE (2018-02-10):  Good News!!!  I just completed a month long task of building my photography portfolio.  The portfolio contains the best of the best of my images.  Look to the left you will see the new Portfolio menu option.  It's submenus list the different subject areas that I shoot.  Please check it out and if you feel so inclined, send me an email to let me now what you think (Contact Todd menu item).  Additionally, I have received my repaired 70 - 200mm lens back from Nikon, so I can do some indoor sports shooting.  I will also be working to update my Outtings, Workshops and Training page to add some events.  I will hopefully have a couple of raptor shoots in the fall and a reptile day this summer!

UPDATE (2018-01-19):  Just completed a Vail, CO night shoot.  Check out the photo below!

Vail, CO